Bowl with 'rugged' rim and added piece of 'found' metal Bowl with 23 carat gold leaf interior Pair of bowls with translucent green glazed interior Wall plaque of landscape patterns and textures Group of 'Earthrings' Pair of 'Totems' made with 'Earthrings' One of a series of 'Tarns' with translucent green glazed interior Group of bowls with blue glazed interior Bowl with oatmeal glazed interior Large disc


My work with clay is an exploration of ideas normally starting with the form of the 'vessel' but reflecting landscapes and working with the natural characteristics of the earth. The work is concerned purely with aethetics and not intended to be functional.


I explore the nature of the material accentuating the marks and textures that appear in the clay by the natural way of working the medium rather than imposing them on the clay.

A particular inspiration for me are the natural characteristics of the earth including the strata in cliffs and rock outcrops such as found on Dartmoor, coastlines and other landscapes - formed by the force of nature rather than created by humans.

My initial inspiration to get involved with clay was the potter Mike Vickery from Taunton and his landscape work with clay.

Embracing the Japanese concept of 'wabi-sabi' teaches the acceptance of imperfection and the appreciation of the beauty in that imperfection.

The natural act of decaying is also a fascinating aspect, and embues what you see with a sense of its history.

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Potfest in the Pens, Autumn - Melton Mowbray
Bath Open Fringe Arts Show
BS9 Arts Trail - Bristol
Bath Society of Artists Open Exhibition -
Prize winner (3D work)
Potfest in the Pens,Spring - Penrith, Cumbria

Bath Society of Arts Open Exhibition

BS9 Arts Trail - Bristol


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